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Join public space leaders from around the world for a week of experiential learning, networking, and inspiration.

We invite you to join us for Project for Public Spaces’ 4th International Placemaking Week conference on June 5–8, 2024, in Baltimore, Maryland, USA, co-hosted by the Neighborhood Design Center.

Placemaking Week is a multi-day, global gathering of over 400 public space leaders that emphasizes hands-on learning, off-site exploration, and innovative social events, all while leaving behind a public space legacy in host cities.

Embracing a wide variety of sectors and disciplines, the event creates a dynamic forum for attendees to develop and share concrete strategies to advance community-powered public spaces, both locally and globally.


If you know, you know. That’s how it feels to love Baltimore, an often-overlooked but magical and idiosyncratic city between New York and Washington, D.C—but with very much its own flavor. In recent years, dozens of innovative public space projects have bloomed across the city, including grassroots revitalization efforts like the Black Arts District; large-scale redevelopments like Lexington Market, Penn Station, Middle Branch, and Harbor Place; and a citywide placemaking program.

Baltimore is a historic harbor city, with an astonishing 22,000 buildings on the National Historic Register of Places and many important contributions to American history, from the Revolution to the writings of Frederick Douglass and the civil rights movement.

But Baltimore is also innovative. It’s known for the boundary-shattering films of John Waters, its homegrown style of Club music, and more recently, a movement of Black-led initiatives have been leading a national conversation around Black land sovereignty. Read more in our full announcement.

Mayor of Baltimore Brandon M. Scott

By having the opportunity to bring Placemaking Week to Baltimore City, we’re able to showcase the incredible work being done by communities across our city and open our doors to placemakers from around the world. This gathering has always been a powerful catalyst for positive change, and as Baltimore plans the future of so many of our shared public spaces, there’s no better time to welcome so many incredible professionals in this space.

Mayor Brandon M. Scott, City of Baltimore

Our Local Co-Host

Since 1968, our local co-host the Neighborhood Design Center has partnered with residents and community leaders to co-create more than 4,000 community-led placemaking projects across Maryland. Today, they are committed to fostering equitable environments and true collaborations that lay the foundation for just futures. With their support, attendees will get to explore the full range of what Charm City has to offer through tours, mobile workshops, and local presentations.

What to Expect

Placemaking Week includes a variety of session types and activities, from participant-led breakouts to mobile workshops, alongside many opportunities to socialize and enjoy the city. We will announce our program at a glance in Winter 2023. But here are some examples of what has happened at past International Placemaking Weeks.

Participants can expect day trips to nearby cities; participant-led learning sessions; temporary public space activations; off-site workshops; walking, rolling, and biking tours; and engaging social events.