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to envision a place-led future for cities.

Public space is located at the intersection of many global issues—from health to sustainability, innovation to equity. Placemaking Week is all about leveraging this convergence.

Building upon the momentum of 2016’s Placemaking Week in Vancouver, this year Project for Public Spaces collaborates with partners in Amsterdam—Stipo, City at Eye Level,  Placemaking Plus, and Pakhuis de Zwijger where the bulk of the event will be held, to host a dynamic set of sessions and workshops, where attendees will develop and share concrete strategies for advancing placemaking locally and globally.

Placemaking Week will also convene and showcase the Placemaking Leadership Council, the leading global network of public space activists and practitioners, which has been the heart of the placemaking movement since its founding in 2013.

Photos courtesy of Project for Public Spaces and Nel de Jager


Praised for its focus on biking as a primary mode of transportation, with strong local activism pushing such initiatives such as “Car-free Sundays” as far back as the 1970s, Amsterdam is seen as having one of the most exemplary, people-centric transportation systems in Europe. The city also is a global leader in sustainability, not only because of its focus on walking and biking, but also because of its smart urban design and unique community initiatives, and the fact that it is seen as one of the most socially inclusive cities in Europe.

Amsterdam received the European Capital of Innovation Award in 2016 and continues to be a leader as cities look to and plan for the future, demonstrated by its healthy start-up climate and sharing economy, which resulted from a bottom-up approach based on smart growth, startups, liveability and digital social innovation. We have a lot to learn from this fascinating European city, and we hope that you will join us in the conversation this October.

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