Side Events

What makes a Placemaking Week a week is the abundance of side events that spill beyond the core two-day conference.

Alongside proposals for conference sessions, we are seeking proposals for creative events that take advantage of Amsterdam’s many great places, people, and organizations, as well as the global community of placemakers the event will convene. 

Last Year's Placemaking Week in Vancouver, Canada included a wide range of side events:

  • Networking events, like regional or topic-based meet-ups, that bring together placemakers with something in common
  • Tours of the city’s neighborhoods, public spaces and placemaking projects
  • Locally hosted lectures, panel discussions, and other events related to public space issues and initiatives in the host city
  • Professional development workshops that require a fee and/or more time than a single conference session allows
  • Public space crawls, innovative mobile parties where attendees can eat, drink, and explore several temporary placemaking activations around the city

Do you want to host or organize an event like this for Amsterdam’s Placemaking Week? Are you already holding a placemaking-related event during the week of the conference? Do you have a creative idea for something not included in the list above? We want to hear from you!

Whether your event is already scheduled and ready to publicize or you’re still in the early stages, please contact to let us know about your idea for a side event, any details you can provide (e.g. time, location, partners), and how we can help.