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PK Das

PK 达斯

Founder, Director

PK Das Architects


P.K. Das is popularly known as an Architect–Activist. His priority hasbeen to establish a very close relation between architecture and people byinvolving them in a participatory planning process. His wide spectrum of workincludes organizing slum dwellers for better living and evolving affordablehousing models, engaging in policy framework for public housing, reclaimingpublic spaces including developing the waterfronts, protection and conservationof natural areas, re-envisioning the city of  Mumbai, along with an architectural practice involving urban planning, urbandesign, architecture and interior design assignments across India.

He has been widely published and has also delivered talks and lecturesacross the world. His work in the development of Mumbai’s coastline and hisslum rehabilitation projects has won him several national and internationalawards including the first Urban Age Award instituted by the London School ofEconomics and Deutsche Bank conferred to the Mumbai Waterfronts Centre of whichP.K.Das is the Chairperson. He has also been conferred with the prestigious first International ‘Jane Jacobs Medal-2016’ Award.

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